Stockport Town Hall
Stockport Town Hall

Stockport Town Hall is on the A6 a few minutes walk from Stockport Train Station.  Parking is available nearby at the NCP Stockport Exchange car park.

The Town Hall can be accessed from the front, and the ceremony will be held in the Council Chamber.

Given the current pandemic, masks should be worn where they can be, unless you are exempt.

The ceremony will be conducted in the Town Hall’s historic council chamber.

The chamber is a beautiful semi-circular ceremonial room with a high domed ceiling and four stained glass windows.

The chamber recently underwent refurbishment with new carpets and paint, and has space for up to 160 guests.

This is an interactive Google Streetview representation of the chamber.

The Wycliffe Hotel

The Wycliffe Hotel is on Edgeley Road in Edgeley, Stockport.  

It is approximately 15 minutes walk or 5 minutes drive from Stockport Town Hall.  

Car parking, including overnight parking is available free at the hotel